More on Pronouns

1.  Reflexive pronouns : These pronouns are used to show that the doers of a actions in sentences are also the receivers of actions in such sentences 

Samples : a)) Daddy drives HIMSELF to his office everyday 
                  b)) I taught MYSELF How to play the violin 
                   c)) We saw OURSELVES in the mirror at the cinema 
2.  Emphasizing pronouns : These pronouns are used to show emphasis or lay emphasis on how things are done. They appear immediately after the noun they empathize. They are also introduced by the word BY. 
Samples : a)) Daddy HIMSELF does the laundry every Saturday 
                  b)) This train is automatic. It moves by ITSELF 
                 c)) The kittens can now feed THEMSELVES 
3.  Reciprocal pronouns : These pronouns are used to show the exchange of action between two or more people. These pronouns are EACH OTHER and ONE ANOTHER 
Samples : a)) Bolu and Bola pushed each other (not Bolu and Bola pushed themselves) 
            b)) The candidates taught one another during the examination (not the candidates taught themselves during the examination) 
4. Indifinte pronouns : These pronouns are called Indifinte pronouns because they do not refer to particular or specific people or things. They are used in a general sense. They include some, somebody, one, oneself, none, all, few, more, any, both etx
A)  NONE of the student's was present at the seminar 
B) EVERYBODY is free to go home now 
Class work 
Identify the type of pronouns in capital letters 
1… In this compition, EVERYBODY is a winner 
Answer =
2… Many are called, FEW are chosen 
Answer =
3…. SOMEBODY must have stolen the phone 
Answer =
4…. WHO told you to go out 
5…… The handbag is HERS 
6….Mr James, WHO is the new principal was given a brand new jeep 
Answer =
7… The principal HIMSELF was invited to the police station 
8…SHE loves watching football 
Answer =
9….. THESE are my disciples 
10…. That house over there is OURS 
Answer =

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