👉😍Well it’s my calling 😍👈

I am a teacher not because I went to college
Not because I am taught how to teach
Not because I am paid salary
Not because I have to teach to live
Not because there are no 'better jobs'
Not because I'm compelled.
Not because I want to be called Sir/Master.
I AM A TEACHER because it is my CALLING.

Sometimes I look at my certificate, my school, my pupils as I compare it with my salary, I laugh
When I look at what I teach, how i teach it, I thank God for taking me through college.

But when I sit down and look at the past, how the end has been for some teachers as compared to other professionals, I feel sorry for the profession.

But when I remember that it is the TEACHER that produces all other professionals, I feel blessed.

I am SATISFIED when I see my students becoming useful to the society.

I conclude that teaching is not just my job,
It's my CALLING.
It's my PURPOSE.
I feel proud being a Teacher.
*Forward this to every teacher you know and make his/her day

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