Solemn prayers

    Join me to pray 
    for all our children.
    Please take a moment 
    to say this prayer  
    for your children 
    My children  
    (name them) 
    are gifts and  
    testimonies and 
    for this, they shall 
    be blessed in Spirit 
    and Soul. Their 
    bodies shall be full 
    of vitality of the Lord,
    their lives are 
    garnished with 
    wealth & abundance, 
    as they are experiencing 
    peace all around. 
    I shall not mourn 
    over my children, 
    because they are 
    satisfied with long 
    life, they shall live 
    long and take care of 
    me. They will eat the 
    good of this land and 
    any land they step 
    their feet. The Lord 
    will not take them 
    where there is no 
    grace. The Lord will 
    keep us together as a 
    united family and 
    our relationships will 
    be more fruitful than 
    ever before. 
    Send this declaration 
    to ten parents and 
    watch God bless your 
    family richly and 
    abundantly. You will 
    make 10 or more 
    parents to pray for 
    their children. 
    Please even if you 
    have kids or you
    do not have kids,
    it doesn't matter 
¬† ¬† just forward it…¬†

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