CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                                     SUBJECT: BASIMATHEMATICS


Solve the following questions and put the right answers from the given


Part A: Objectives

1.)   Express 3/5 of 2 hours in minutes ____ (a) 500 minutes (b) 300minutes (c) 72 minutes

2.)   Express 15grammes as a decimal of 3kg        (a) 0.005        (b) 0.015        (c) 0.315

3.)   Add up 1.03, 0.006 and 2.1      (a) 3.136        (b) 2.103        (c) 3.1487

4.)   Write out all factors of 8.          (a) 1, 2, 3, 4   (b) 1,2 4, 8     (c) 8, 16, 24, 32

5.)   Express 25 as a fraction of 125           (a) 1/25            (b) 1/125           (c) 1/5

6.)   Express three thousand nine hundred and forty two in roman numerals

(a) MMM             (b) MXMIII               (c) MMMCMXLII

7.)   Write out all factors of 12    (a) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12         (b) 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12        (c) 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12

8.)   Express 1010111 in words (a) One million, ten thousand one hundred and eleven (b) one billion ten thousand one hundred and eleven (c) one hundred thousand, one million and ten


9.)   Write fifty three million, eight hundred thousand and thirteen in figures

(a) 53800130      (b) 50308013           (c) 53800013

10.) What is the place value of 8 in 148214      (a) 8000           (b) 80000       (c) 800000

11.) Sum up the place value of 8 and 4 in 18423     (a) 80400      (b) 4800      (c) 8400

12.) Express 85/1000 as a decimal number (a) 0.085        (b) 0.850       (c) 0.85

13.) Change 0.34 to a fraction in its lowest term (a) ¾      (b) 17/50       (c) 34/10

14.) Write 20,220,110 in words (a) Twenty billion, two hundred and twenty thousand, one hundred and ten (b) twenty million, ten million two hundred and ten (c) ten million, twenty thousand and eleven


15.) What is the place value of 2 in 198.42 (a) two tenth (b) two hundred (c) two thousand

16.) A line that is drawn from one part of the circle that passes through the centre to the other part of the circle is called _________       (a) chord        (b) diameter (c) radius


17.) The prime numbers between 50 and 60 are _________ and ________

        (a) 51 and 53                 (b) 53 and 59                        (c) 57 and 59

18.) Change 75% to decimal (a) 0.75        (b) 0.705        (c) 7.5

19.) Calculate the L.C.M of 18, 27 and 36            (a) 108           (b) 54                         (c) 27

20.) What is the product of 5.2 and 1.3     (a) 6.76          (b) 7.66          (c) 5.86




Part B: Show all workings

1.)   One quarter of a number is 84. What is the number

2.)   How many times is 0.05 contained in 85

3.)   Calculate the average of 76, 50, 44, 20 and 40

4.)   Decrease 2000 by 20%

5.)   Find the difference between 132/3 and 21/3








CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

24 Broad Street,

Lagos Island,

Lagos State,

8th January 2017

The Headteacher,

Asebolu Group of Schools

38, Bode Thomas Street,



Dear Sir,


A Letter of Complaints

I wish to draw your attention to some problems that we pupils of this great institution now face. In the first place, the noise that comes from the Ajibola block industry located at the back of the school is an unpleasant and disturbing. Hearing the noise when teaching is going on is enough to distract us.


We find it difficult to concentrate on our lessons when teaching is going on. One of our teachers made us to understand that the owner of the industry did not get the government’s approval to locate the industry there.


Dear Sir you need to do something urgently about this as a stitch in time saves time.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,


Davies Agboola



1.)   Who is the writer of the letter ___________________________________________________


2.)   To whom is the letter addressed _________________________________________________



3.)   Mention what the author complained about ________________________________________



4.)   Who do you think owns the block industry ________________________________________


5.)   Where do you think the block industry should be located



Part B

Active Voice                                                                         Passive Voice

6.)   Cats eat mice

7.)   The horses are pulling the wagon

8.)   The girls swept the classroom

9.)   The woman was selling some oranges

10.) I love my school


Part C           

Identify the type of pronoun that is underlined in each of the following sentences

Sample: I am happy (personal pronoun)

11.) Where are you going (_________________ pronoun)

12.) It is good to be good ( _________________ pronoun)

13.) This is my class teacher ( ________________ pronoun)

14.) Who is an accountant ( ______________ pronoun)

15.) These books are mine ( __________________ pronoun)


Part D

Fill the gaps with the synonyms of the underlined words

16.) Mungo Park discovered the source of the River Niger    (a) made    (b) found    (c) formed

17.) I remembered what you said   (a) forgive     (b) recall        (c) think

18.) The thieves intended to attack the rich man in the night (a) attempted    (b) went   (c) planned

19.) He is a faithful man, you can depend on him (a) reply      (b) rely           (c) rest

20.) My Uncle is the head of the village (a) judge          (b) priest        (c) leader


Part E

        Direct Speech                                                               Indirect Speech

21.) Olu said “I have two pencils”

22.) The woman said” I can drive

23.) Olu said that he could do it

24.) The pastor said “My wife is a woman”

25.) The woman said” I may travel tomorrow


Part F

Write a letter to your dad narrating your experience to him during the last excursion to general post, marina.








CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                         SUBJECT: VERBAL REASONING


Study the samples and answer the questions that follow

Section A

Write out the word that will complete the first word and start the second word

Sample:          M ___ck

                        ___lc    (a) a    (b) e   (c) o      The answer is o i.e. Mock and Old which is option C. Now answer the following questions

1.)   Give ____ trife               (a) d                (b) n                (c) s

2.)   _____orn _____lose     (a) b                (b) c                (c) w

3.)   Lea____    ____owl       (a) c                (b) d                (c) f

4.)   Kitt____n ____mpire    (a) a                (b) e                (c) i

5.)   _____lright  ____rrow (a) a                (b) b                (c) c

Section B

Write out the word that cannot be formed from the word that is written in capital letter

Sample EDUCATION (a) action (b) lotion (c) caution The answer is Lotion. Now do the following


6.)   BECOMING                    (a) comb                    (b) game                     (c) gone

7.)   ASSAULT                        (a) lass                       (b) loss                       (c) salt

8.)   ADJUSTMENT               (a) Amuse                  (b) Must                     (c) Near

9.)   AGRICULTURE             (a) Attire                    (b) late                       (c) agric

10.) INFORMATION            (a) nation                   (b) from                     (c) normal

Section C

In each of the following numbers there are three sentences

Read them carefully and decide which of them should come first, second and third

An example is given below

i.)                 The boys were stung by the bees

ii.)              The boys went honey hunting

iii.)            Their friends laughed at them (a) 123 (b) 213 (c) 231 The answer is B


11.)          i.) I’ll go by air

ii.) I’ll travel to London

iii.) I’ll call on the queen                            (a) 1,3,2         (b) 2,3,1         (c) 3,2,1


12.)          i.) The defenders were careless and slow

ii.) The goalkeeper was angry

iii.) Two cheap goals were scored                         (a) 1,3,2         (b) 1,2,3         (c) 3,2,1


13.)          i.) Olu bought an entry form

ii.) They offered him admission

iii.) He wrote an entrance examinations   (a) 1,2,3         (b) 1,3,2         (c) 3,2,1


14.)          i.) The teacher flogged David

ii.) Other pupils laughed at David

iii.) David came late to school                   (a) 1,3,2         (b) 1,2,3         (c) 3,1,2


15.)          i.) I bought biros with my money

ii.) I kept it in my purse

iii.) My brother gave me money                (a) 1,2,3         (b) 3,2,1         (c) 1,3,2


Section D

Choose the best answer from a, b or c

Sample:          We judge people by what they do rather than what they say. Why?

(a)  Words are sometimes hard to understand

(b)  What people do, tells us what they are really alike.

(c)  What people do, is not always the right thing                             Ans = B


16.)          Why do we breast-feed

(a)  It is because it is the cheapest way of feeding babies

(b)  It is because no other food is so nourishing to babies

(c)  Because it is the easiest to prepare


17.)          Why do so many boys wear school cap?

(a)  Because they look silly

(b)  because they look smarter tan those without caps

(c)  to show to which school boys belong


18.)          What is a pen?

(a)  Something to write with

(b)  something that holds ink as you write

(c)  something used for writing with ink


19.)          What is the meaning of “Never say die”

(a)  Always say live

(b)  try, try and try again

(c)  polite people don’t say die


20.)          Why do police wear uniform

(a)  To frighten burglars

(b)  To show what they are

(c)  to hold up the traffic








CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                                     SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES


Read the following questions and pick out the best answer from the given alternatives

1.)   Social studies is the study of man and his ______ (a) body (b) environment (c) religion

2.)   The most expensive means of transportation is by ____ (a) air (b) water (c) land

3.)   All the followings are benefits of division of labour except ____

(a) It is onotonous          (b) It saves time       (c) it saves energy

4.)   All these are problems of marriage except ____ (a) adultery     (b) love   (c) childlessness

5.)   The head of a primary school is called the ____ (a) vice chancellor (b) head teacher (c) baron

6.)   Whose picture is on the One Hundred naira Nigerian note (a) General Muritala Mohammed (b) Chief Obafemi Awolowo (c) Alhaji Sir Ahmed Bello


7.)   The following are man-made resources except ____ (a) boreholes   (b) forests   (c) cars

8.)   Formal education is received in the _____ (a) churches   (b) school (c) markets

9.)   _____ is the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife

(a) marriage         (b) couples                (c) family

10.) ______ is a type of marriage where a man marries a woman

(a) polygamy       (b) monogamy          (c) secret

11.) _____ is the social smallest unit (a) marriage         (b) school      (c) family

12.) A follower or faithful of Islam is called a _______ (a) Moslem (b) Christian (c) Buddhist

13.) The holy book of the Christian is called the Holy _____ (a) grail (b) Bible (c) Mantras

14.) The founder of Christianity is _____ (a ) Jesus Christ       (b) Mohammed (c) Budah

15.) The killing of twins in Nigeria was stopped by _____

(a) Jaja of Opbob           (b) Mungo Park        (c) Mary Slessor

16.) Kano was famous in the olden days for its _____

(a) groundnuts pyramids           (b) cocoa                   (c) coffee

17.) Crude oil was first discovered in _____ (a) Oloibiri    (b) Ijebu Ode    (c) Badagry

18.) The major source of government revenue in Nigeria is ____

(a) Cocoa                         (b) cotton                   (c) petroleum

19.) ______ means a breakup in marriage (a) courtship                        (b) engagement         (c) divorce

20.) _____ is the movement of people from one country to another country

(a) Abroad           (b) migration             (c) custom




Part B: Theory

1.)   Write out four ways that Nigerians are influenced by foreign culture

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________


2.)   Write out four problems in marriage

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________


3.)   Write out four causes of religious intolerance

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________


4.)   Explain the following on the Nigeria coat of arm

(a) The eagle (b) The two horses

5.)   Write out the National Anthem








CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                             SUBJECT: AGRICULTURAL  SCIENCE


Part A: Objective

Pick out the right answers from the given alternatives

1.)   Mechanized farming involves the use if farms _____

(a) implements (b) equipments (c) machines

2.)   The early men were (a) pilots              (b) wanderers           (c) civilized

3.)   The branch of agricultural science that deals with fish production is known as ____

(a) fishing            (b) fishery                 (c) fishes

4.)   The rearing of animals for man’s use s known as animal ____

(a) husbandry                 (b) midwifery                        (c) cultivation

5.)   Cocoa can be used to produce beverage like ____ (a) Nescafe (b) Lipton (c) Milo

6.)   _____ can further be processed to produce garri (a) cassava (b) tomatoes (c) potatoes

7.)   One of the advantages of agricultural science is that farm product are used as ____ for industries (a) electricity (b) raw materials (c) capital


8.)   Hide and skin are the raw materials that are used to produce ____

(a) wear and tear            (b) shoes and bus     (c) gold and silver

9.)   ____ is the uppermost part of the earth that supports plants growth (a) soil (b) ground (c) land

10.) _____ soil is used to build houses and bridges (a) sandy (b) loamy (c) clay

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