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CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

24 Broad Street,

Lagos Island,

Lagos State,

8th January 2017

The Headteacher,

Asebolu Group of Schools

38, Bode Thomas Street,



Dear Sir,


A Letter of Complaints

I wish to draw your attention to some problems that we pupils of this great institution now face. In the first place, the noise that comes from the Ajibola block industry located at the back of the school is unpleasant and disturbing. Hearing the noise when teaching is going on is enough to distract us.


We find it difficult to concentrate on our lessons when teaching is going on. One of our teachers made us understand that the owner of the industry did not get the government’s approval to locate the industry there.


Dear Sir, you need to do something urgently about this as a stitch in time saves time.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,


Davies Agboola



1.)   Who is the writer of the letter ___________________________________________________


2.)   To whom is the letter addressed _________________________________________________



3.)   Mention what the author complained about ________________________________________



4.)   Who do you think owns the block industry ________________________________________


5.)   Where do you think the block industry should be located



Part B

Active Voice                                                                         Passive Voice

6.)   Cats eat mice

7.)   The horses are pulling the waggon

8.)   The girls swept the classroom

9.)   The woman was selling some oranges

10.) I love my school


Part C           

Identify the type of pronoun that is underlined in each of the following sentences

Sample: I am happy (personal pronoun)

11.) Where are you going (_________________ pronoun)

12.) It is good to be good ( _________________ pronoun)

13.) This is my class teacher ( ________________ pronoun)

14.) Who is an accountant ( ______________ pronoun)

15.) These books are mine ( __________________ pronoun)


Part D

Fill the gaps with the synonyms of the underlined words

16.) Mungo Park discovered the source of the River Niger    (a) made    (b) found    (c) formed

17.) I remembered what you said   (a) forgive     (b) recall        (c) think

18.) The thieves intended to attack the rich man in the night (a) attempted    (b) went   (c) planned

19.) He is a faithful man, you can depend on him (a) reply      (b) rely           (c) upon rest

20.) My Uncle is the head of the village (a) judge          (b) priest        (c) leader


Part E

        Direct Speech                                                               Indirect Speech

21.) Olu said “I have two pencils”

22.) The woman said” I can drive

23.) Olu said that he could do it

24.) The pastor said “My wife is a woman”

25.) The woman said” I may travel tomorrow


Part F

Write a letter to your dad narrating your experience to him during the last excursion to general post, marina.


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