The Blood of The Righteous

B   Blood is a red liquid substance that contains liquid, water and plasma biologically. 

Spiritually blood is the Mystery that joins the body with the soul. Blood is a living liquid that does not die even if the individual that the blood belongs to dies. 
Blood has both spiritual and mysterious power. Blood has its own voice. That is why the blood of Abel cried out for vengeance even at death. The only language that the voice speaks is vengeance. 
But the blood of JESUS supercedes all other blood 
      Types of Blood 
War blood : these are shed during battle or war 
Suicide blood : these are candidates for hell fire because they did not create the blood and they have no right to spill it. Most of the things that people commit suicide are just temporary things that will pass away with time 
Spiritual Assisination: The blood of those that killed spiritual Lyon 
Silent blood 
Neutral blood 
Shouting blood 
The blood of the righteous 
Innocent blood 
Accidental blood 
Guilty blood 

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