Worship God and Increase in Greatness

     Psalms are songs written to document the expérience of God by their writer in their walks of life with God or in their understanding of the account of those who walked with God. They formed canticles sung in worship services to adore God for who He is and to praise Him for what He does and to Reminisce in some expériences as well as project some explanation 

     Psalms are inspired collections of selected literary passages of praise. Psalms offer us vistas of trust in our Almighty God. Saint Augustin called the Psalms the "language of devotion" where we learn to devote ourselves to the One who is Devoted to us. They are devotionals : all the climate of the heart, soul, and mind are brought before the unfailing love of God. They are theology not as learned but as it is lived. This is the worship. You cannot worship God and remain the same. 

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