The Indefatigable Worshippers of God

We have had clouds of witnesses that had through worship got their problems solve and had made their way into God's presence and purpose for their lives for us to learn from ad explained in Hebrew 12

    Examples of Indefatigable Worshippers of God 
1. Abel 
2. Abraham 
3. Moses 
4. Sons of Korah 
5. David 
6. Solomon 
7. Paul 
Increased Greatness for worshippers 
A.  Speaks to date (Heb. 12:24)
B.  Fruitfulness to date (Gen 22 :17)
C. Spoke to God mouth to mouth.(Num 12:8)
D. Seat of the throne preserved for ever 
E.  Incomparable greatness of all time 
F.  Greater then predecessors 
G.  Please God where their father's failed. 
Instruments of worship that bring increased greatness. 
A. Sacrifices and offerings 
B.  Praises and adoration 
C.  Walk blamelessly 
D.  Standing in awẹ with God 

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