A visit to the post office

A day stamp 

It is used to change the date based on the date that the letter arrived 
We are at General Post Office Marina 

After the sorting department we then went to out door post men. Out door postmen are the one that will do the necessary sorting into the porch (just like a bag)  

Most mails that cannot be delivered are always return to the return letter office 

Reason for these may be because the person has travelled out without leaving à New address. 

Meet Mr Azoro the head of postmen section (out door postmen section) 

Why do people collect postage stamp 
1. A living remainder of events 
2. It as an aid to learning 
3. It moves the world closer because there is no nation that does not issue postage stamp 
4. It is a source of extra income 

Roland  Hill  ( 1795-1879)
He was born on the 3rd December 1759 in kid des minister, worcestershire. England. He was a school teacher and inventer. 
The stamp that Roland Hill made is called Penny Black 

The act of letter 
In respect of the excursion to the general post office. The pupils (from primary two to six) will write à real letter to will be posted on that day at the post office. There is a circular with the pupils that they are expected to write real address of either friend or relatives so that when the letters are posted, they will get to the real destination. Just to imbibe writing culture in the pupils and to revive the long forgot tradition of letter writing

How to be à stamp collecter 
Go to post office 
Collect the form 
Fill it with address and phone number 
Then you can start collecting stamp and start making money 

Types of stamp collectors 
Registered collectors 
Philable collectors 
Sundry collectors 

How to be a  stamp collector
Go to the post office 
You will need to fill a form 
Your axdress
Phone number
Subscription fee 
Open and account and take the number back to the post office 

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