Be careful when you pick your calls

There is a number starting with +263 on whats app, with the picture of a male person with purple shirt and grey trousers. Please do not respond to his msg but block the number Asap. He is a satanic agent looking for blood through internet.
His name is *Kwashira*
.Some people are dead already so don't be a victim. Share with everyone u know and' save souls +263 717 836 656
: the number is taking over now, 11 people died this morning after receiving a call from this number. +263 717 836 656 and please i beg u,, send this number to all your family members leave then to all people u love or people u don't want to lose and tell them not to answer any call from dis number. It's URGENT: Tell all contacts from your list . Beware it is very dangerous.Pass on to as many as you can.
Pls never be in a hurry to pick calls without a name. The man is also on Imo with the name Kwashie.This is real pls pass on to family and friends

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