My Dad is Late. He died last nite. We love him but God loves him most.


LOST BUT FOUND NYSC CERTIFICATE Adeniran Lookman Adekunle NYSC/IM/OPI/08/399177 Batch C 2008.
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Hope it helps him

The Lord of host shall honour his presence in my life by giving me the testimony that will announce me to the whole world this week in Jesus name. And u too!!!!!
Good morning.

there’s another plane crash and none
survived……. the plane was carrying all
your problems, shame, sorrows, failure,
tears, sickness, weakness, pains,
struggles and all your worries….. did i
hear you say Amen

Pastor Chris
Okotie’s second
marriage crashes.Three times presidential
candidate and Pastor,
Household of God Church,
Pastor Chris Okotie has
ended his marriage with
Stephanie Henshaw less than four years after they
got married. According to Source, Pastor
Chris announced this
himself in Church. “Stephanie and I are no
longer married. We have
separated. You can see
she’s not in church today.
It’s due to irreconcilable
differences and you should please respect our wishes
Hmmmmm God Dey O.

New dictionary word…
Farouk (Verb):
To collect bribe and deny it,
attributing evidence to
video doctoring.
Past tense: farouked
Example: To farouk is human
Farouker (Noun):
A person who farouks
Example: The National Assembly is populated
with faroukers
Faroukee (Noun):
A person who is farouked
Example: The desperate contractor became a
faroukee in order to win the business
Faroukology (Noun):
The study of bribe collection and denial of
obvious evidence
Example: The politician has a degree in
Faroukology from the University of Corruption
Faroukracy (Noun):
Government of bribery, by the bribe givers for
the bribe takers
Example: Our nation has been practicing
faroukracy from independence.
The political ideology of bribery, corruption
and cover ups.
Example: EFCC has prosecuted many advocates
of faroukism
A chronic disorder of bribery and denial
Example: The doctor diagnosed the young
politician of acute faroukiosis
( Adjective) Faroukish: having the appearance
of, or relating to bribery and denial
Example: Results of the investigation appear
really faroukish
(Adverb) Faroukistically: Carried out or done
in a way that suggests a farouk
Example: The lawmakers carried on

Its fresh Monday and lovely fresh week, We wish all our friends, fathers, mothers, brothers A₪D sisters that God ll strengthen us all cos when †ђε Almighty father return our fortunes, goodness & upliftment back †☺ our lives, we A̶̲̥̅̊re ℓike people dreaming cos all our blessing, fortune, grace, unstoppable increase in our doings, goodness & divine blessing are stored in our lives. Then,Our mouth is full of Laughter A₪D our tongues are full of songs of joy.
This möЯηīĬηģ, this week & all †ђε days of our lives we shall always shout for joy cos of †ђε new things God did in our lives.
Gơod möЯηīηg A₪D happy new week

Can u beat this! (On a radio programme being aired live)…… my name is Femi Otedola, I will like to make a special shout out to my very good friend, Honorable Farouk Lawan, he is presently residing at the force headquarters in Abuja. Kindly play “Chop my money” by P-square for his enjoyment this evening.

Everything you tell yourself and feel about yourself shows up in your life. through people, situations, and circumstances..
If you don’t like the view, change where you’re standing. Change your thoughts, change your life!

Good Morning ~o)| Have A Nice Day  !

Why is it that men are the only adult mammals that drink milk ?